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P.V.C. Strip Curtains — What Are Their Common Usages & Benefits?

If you have ever worked in a warehouse, big kitchen, or factory, possibilities are you have noticed the extensive use of PVC strip curtains in such environment. However, if you have not worked ever in these places, you might have come across them in various other places, for example, walk in freezers in some grocery shops, restaurants or bar entrances. There are a great number of uses of P.V.C. Strip Curtains and they offer several advantages to premises where these get used.

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Common uses & locations for P.V.C. Strip Curtains:

Well, these curtains are usually employed to make separations between two areas. Whether those are different sections of a cold area, a warehouse, and room-temperature area, PVC strip curtains provide the advantage of being able to allow the efficiency of a door with the convenience of not having to close or open it. These curtains are often employed at loading docks to avoid the escape of air-conditioned air, which can assist to manage utility expenses & keep debris away from the working area. They are also employed in factories or warehouses to detach different functional areas, and the convenience of them denotes that machine like forklifts doesn’t need to physically open an overhead door or gate to access another area of your workplace. Some typical places you will see the use of PVC strip curtains may include:

  • Shipping plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Auto body shop
  • Grocery storage areas

Great benefits –

PVC Curtains are weightless and hence it is safer to use and hence it reduces the insurance bill to some extent.

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Its saves considerable energy by interior temperature and it’s also flame resistant which gives you an additional advantage of using it. Whether you wish to keep warm air or cool air inside, the curtains perform an excellent job of preventing the conditioned air from escaping outside. This will no doubt save your business a great deal of money since you’ve the luxury to raise or lower the temperature of the facility while not losing that air to leak through doors.


Economical to Install –

The product comes with various color and quality and less costly like the Metal strips.


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